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383 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot

Posted by Charles Mon, 05 Jan 2015 19:39:49 -0500
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The tables below list the current slate of Hall of Fame candidates with several Southpaw metrics. The first table lists position players, the second table starting pitchers, the last relief pitchers. For the first time in a few years two pitchers rack up significant value as starters and relievers: John Smoltz and Tom Gordon.

PlayerPositionAvg RVLAvg RVPSPAREvents
Craig Biggio2B23.930.575.313020
Mike PiazzaC56.465.171.97769
Jeff Bagwell1B68.240.465.69692
Tim RainesLF40.724.458.511319
Barry BondsLF93.677.9139.913265
Edgar MartinezDH54.937.056.28738
Alan TrammellSS9.934.159.69716
Jeff Kent2B34.740.665.79681
Fred McGriff1B38.611.339.610265
Mark McGwire1B72.144.555.27677
Larry WalkerRF54.337.654.08320
Don Mattingly1B39.012.630.97739
Sammy SosaRF28.110.038.110243
Gary SheffieldRF56.842.779.211306
Brian GilesRF53.739.553.27959
Nomar GarciaparraSS33.742.643.66236
Carlos Delgado1B53.626.646.88682
Darin ErstadCF10.92.5-11.26850
Cliff FloydLF36.819.229.16244
Jermaine DyeRF9.7-8.113.97288
Rich AuriliaSS6.012.925.36310
Aaron Boone3B9.80.2-5.54468
Tony Clark1B21.8-6.310.75131

StarterAvg RVLSPAREvents
Roger Clemens48.9129.420985
Randy Johnson39.295.217695
Mike Mussina30.770.014921
Pedro Martinez66.085.211280
John Smoltz36.370.213653
Tom Gordon2.913.95730
Jason Schmidt19.933.28720
Curt Schilling48.178.012740

RelieverAvg RVLSPAREvents
Lee Smith50.529.45484
John Smoltz86.88.11026
Tom Gordon34.115.43632
Troy Percival40.614.33050
Eddie Guardado20.411.53510

Were I to vote, I would choose Clemens, Bonds, Johnson, P Martinez, Schilling, Scheffield, Biggio, Piazza, Kent, and Smoltz.

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